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Who is behind WealthDirect?

A group of entrepreneurial financial services and technology partners united to create the engine that drives WealthDirect.  Identifying an opportunity to develop a financial services hub that could be used by both professional advisers (Accountants, Financial Planners, and Investment Managers) and self directed investors alike.WealthDirect recognises that there will always be consumers who want to work with advisers regularly; however are people who want to have more control over their own investments.

Is our strategy right?

CoreData Investor Sentiment Research Report for the first quarter of 2012 showed that 51.6% of investors relied on their own judgement for their primary source of financial advice.

A 2012 Rice Warner report also showed that more than 90% of personal investments were being held by individuals directly.

WealthDirect is committed to developing tools and services that empower consumers to choose what role they want to play in the investment process, the investments they want to include and the services they want to access.

WealthDirect – Power to You

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