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1. What is the minimum investment amount to open a WealthDirect account?
The minimum investment amount is $1,000 dollars. $500 of which will be invested into your CMA Cash account. 

2. Do I have to register to do the DIY financial health check?
Yes, you need to join WealthDirect to access the DIY financial health check.

3. Do I have to use all of the services, or can I choose which ones I want to use?
You can select your services except for the Macquarie CMA account which is part of the account opening process.

4. How do I transfer my shares? 
You will need to complete a share transfer which can be found under the My Account/Forms tab within WealthDirect. This form should be completed and submitted to WealthDirect, Reply Paid 1926 ROYAL EXCHANGE, NSW 1224.

5. How do I transfer my managed funds? 
You will need to complete a managed fund transfer form and attach your most recent unit holder statement to it. The Managed Fund Transfer form can be found under the My Account/Forms tab within WealthDirect. This form should be completed and submitted to WealthDirect, Reply Paid 1926 ROYAL EXCHANGE, NSW 1224

6. What is an in specie transfer?
In specie is the process of transferring managed funds or shares without selling the underlying investment.  It allows you to transfer assets, such as managed funds and listed shares, into other accounts

7. What does it cost to buy or sell a share? Managed Fund, Managed account?
The brokerage charges are detailed within the PDS document. – Click here to view the WealthDirect service guide

8. What is the difference between an administered and non administered investment?
Administered assets are all investments and cash that are held on the WealthDirect that we take care of the administration for on your behalf. These assets and are included in your end of year tax report.

A non-administered asset is an investment, liability or personal asset that is owned and managed by you directly. These assets are uploaded by you into the WealthDirect system and form part of your total wealth. These assets are not included in your end of year tax report.  Examples could be a vintage car or an international share portfolio held at another institution.

9. What do I pay for non-administered assets?
There is no charge for these assets.

10. How do I log and update a non-administered asset onto the site?
Once you have opened an account, it is very easy to add an asset, detailed instructions can be found under the help tab once you have logged into WealthDirect.

11. What is an SMA?
Separately Managed Account (SMA) is a customised share portfolio where the assets are owned by investors.  An investment is allocated across one or more investment models, which will determine the portfolio allocation between shares.  These investment models have been provided by investment specialists and vary in focus, similar to managed funds vary in their risk and return objectives.

12. Why would I invest in an SMA versus running my own share portfolio or investing in a managed fund?

  • Access to specialist investment managers rather than researching and managing your own share portfolio.
  • Trading costs can be lower as there are no minimum trade orders costs and there is the potential to net between buys and sellers.
  • Improved tax optimisation compared to managed funds as shares are held in beneficial ownership and any capital gains/losses, imputation credits etc are directly applied to the investor’s holdings.

13. What is WealthVue?
WealthVue is a web-based lifestyle budgeting and planning process designed to help you to focus on your lifestyle goals as well as tax or investment strategies.

14.  I am having trouble logging in?
To reset your password please call our service team on 1300 245 578.

15. Do you have insurance options?
No, we do not have insurance options.  If you would like some assistance with insurance, please click here and email your details and requirements to our service team who will get back to you within 24/48 hours Monday to Friday.

16.  Do you have Term Deposits available?
No, term deposits are not currently available, but we are hoping to offer this service in the future.

17.  How is the ‘available to trade figure calculated?
This figure is the amount of cash that is available to be withdrawn after taking into account any pending transactions and the minimum account CMA balances of $500.  This figure is based on the previous business days closing cash balance.

18.  When & how do I get my consolidated tax reports for my account?
Tax reports are produced after 30th June each year and will appear in your WealthDirect Tax Report inbox.  These reports are available once all supporting documents have been received.

19.  How secure is WealthDirect? 
WealthDirect is encrypted, and is a secure site.  Any transactions require an additional password which is set by you.

21.  Does my bank account link directly to WealthDirect?
When you open a WealthDirect account we open a linked CMA account that pays a competitive rate of interest. 

22.  Can I link my partners account, SMSF or company accounts under the one view?
This functionality is not currently available, but we may introduce this in the future.

23.  What is involved in the initial set-up?
To open an account you are required to complete an online application form, print and submit the form along with supporting docs. 

24.  How long does it take to set up an account?
On submission of correctly completed account documents your account will be open within a matter of days.

25.  Can my accountant access my WealthDirect account or can I give them access with my password?
We would strongly advise that you do not give your password to anyone.  You can create reports within WealthDirect that you can send to your accountant.

26.  Fees – how much does it cost? 
Click here to open the WealthDirect service guide, on pages 29 – 34 you will find full details on all WealthDirect fees.

27.  Can I use WealthDirect on my mobile system – phone, ipad etc?
Some functionality is not supported on these devices , however you can still view and manage the majority of services.

28.  What do I do if I need help?
You can contact us on 1300 245 578 Monday to Friday (9am-5pm) or email us -

29.  Can I email statements or reports from within WealthDirect?
You cannot email directly from WealthDirect, however you can save reports as a PDF and attach it to your personal email.

30.  Does WealthDirect track transactions?  If so, how long does it keep record of these transactions?
Yes all transactions are recorded indefinitely.


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